Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wanna See Iron Man? Come at Leahchar Resort and Leisure Park.

ALAS! I got the chance to fumble my first splash of summer '11. All credits to Tita Sol and her family who threw a swimming party for their lovely daughter Makiss' as they make whoopee the early achievement of their lovely girl just as she bid goodbye to her grade school years and now about to embrace her High School life. Oh well, what else can I say about HS?! I assure you its one of the nicest thing in one's teenage life! It's exciting and full of life, isn't it? I know you couldn't agree more.

So our whole neighborhood went at Leahchar Resort San Antonio, Quezon the resort is new and well maintained. I'm sure kids will love the the theme of this resort since its a toy inspired hideout it has giant replica of famous characters such as Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Disney Princess, Dinosaurs and so much more. 

The Theme

Iron Man

Incredible Hulk

The castle and Betty Boop

Jack in the Beans Stalk 
Giant Douggie

The resort got two swimming pools; one for the adult and one for the kids. The adult pool I guess is around 6ft high then the kiddie pool is around 3-4 ft just enough for kids to play and swim around. One good thing about this resort is that they also got mini jacuzzi where in you can stay if your kind of cold or you just want to hang around and do some ease off chit-chat with friends and families. The entrance fee for adult is Php 150.00 and Php 100.00 for kids, their cottages ranges from Php 800.00- Php 2000.00. 


Adult pool

Kiddie pool

By the way there's also a function room for your special occasions such as: Birthday parties,    Weddings, Anniversaries, Re-union, Graduation ball, JS Prom and various events. 

I was a bit surprised when I saw this resort 'cause my family and I used to live at San Antonio until I was 3 years old, back then the said place was not that developed that's why when I got the chance to went back I was like "Oh men.. This place got good development." I am so happy when I saw those growth that only means that Quezon has a lot to offer and when I mean a lot that's truly BIG TIME!

How to get there?

Manila to Brgy. Sampaguita San Antonio, Quezon 

Manila to SLEX
Exit to Batangas going to Lipa City
(pan philippine highway-ah 26 going to san pablo city to tiaong 
right to batangas quezon rd.)
You are now on the site of San Antonio, Quezon 
Follow the sign going to Leahchar Resort and Leisure Park

For more informations:

 All of us really had fun its such a joyous celebration and great start for my summer '11!

Tell me how you celebrate your summer '11, I'm sure you also had a blast! I'll wait for it!


Anonymous said...

h I love action figures! I should really give this a try. I'm from Cavite so that means its just like a two hours drive right? --Melba

gazeallyouwant said...

Hi there Melba, yes you should go. Don't forget to bring the rest of your family and friends :) Happy summer dear!

randy bermudez said...

wow a perfect place for the family will be there sure they will having a good time there.

randy bermudez said...

wow a perfect place for the family will be there tomorrow,im sure they will having a good time there.

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